Family Resources Facilitation Program


That every child has opportunities to thrive in a safe supported nurturing environment resulting in healthy outcomes.

Mission Statement

FRFP is committed to creating collaborative partnerships and relationships within the community while building capacity and quality in child care programs. Through education, support and resources we guide, empower and strengthen child care programs and their families resulting in quality care for children.


In 2002 Executive Directors from several Child Care Programs in Calgary began to meet and address shared concerns about the increased stress and demands being placed on Calgary families. 

The increased pressure on families also placed increased demands on Directors and early childhood educators to offer extended parental support and to make referrals to outside agencies.

In early 2003, the Family Resource Facilitation Program was launched to build a support network for children, families and early childhood educators in participating child care programs in Calgary.

Program Description

The Family Resource Facilitation Program is delivered on-site in primary prevention child care programs.  We provide families and child care programs the support they need to build protective factors and prevent the development of risk factors by building capacity in the programs. We build capacity by connecting program staff and families to resources as well as coaching and training on specific skills to build quality programs for children. 

The Family Resource Facilitation Program works to catalyze change in the child care community by both modelling leadership practices and supporting leadership development.  The Family Resource Facilitation Program embodies the Pyramid Model for Social Emotional Development as a key framework for supporting children’s optimal development.  By training child care professionals and parents on promotion, prevention and intervention strategies aimed at creating nurturing and safe environments for children, FRFP is able to measurably impact the healthy development of children. We believe that by teaching parents and educators the same skills the child will have consistency and be more adjusted in the different settings. 

Framework:  Pyramid Model – An evidence-based theory driven model for supporting social/emotional competence.  All the training and coaching we deliver is through a strength-based approach that views the family as central to the child’s well-being.

Pyramid Model

National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI)

Training for Parents: FRFP offers many different parent education opportunities for families depending on the needs of the program and the families within. One of the training programs we offer is called Positive Solutions for Families which is an evidence-based family skill training series which give parents insight and strategies on how to promote children’s social and emotional skills, understand problem behaviour and how to use positive approaches to help children learn appropriate behaviour. We provide a safe, supported environment where families can share their challenges/experiences and learn from one another without judgement or criticism. All families are welcome to attend the training. We offer the training on-site at our participating child care programs so that families to do not have to travel to another location. We do partner with other organizations such as community churches, parent link programs and community centres to provide the training. The training for families is free and includes dinner and child care.  

Training for Program Educators:  FRFP offers many different training opportunities for program educators and leaders on-site in child care programs. One of the training programs we offer to programs is called Positive Solutions for Child Care Educators. This six session series has the same content as the Positive Solutions for Families. After each session the facilitator spends several weeks in the program offering weekly coaching and hands on support to ensure the strategies and skills learned are being implemented in the program. This series is designed for educators struggling with the day to day interactions and a limited understanding of child development and play. Topics focus on teaching educators to look for the meaning of children’s behaviour as well as teach them practical strategies to support children’s successes in the classrooms. We believe it is crucial for educators and parents to have the same training so that there is consistency for the children in care. Depending on the needs of the program we also provide educators skill development training in: emotional literacy, anger management, classroom design, transitions, program planning, problem solving, friendship skills and identifying forms and functions of behaviours etc.

Goal Specific Support: Referred child care programs are encouraged to participate in our training/coaching program however it is not mandatory.  Some programs may choose to set specific goals based on their individual needs; we would then work hands-on in the program to assist them in achieving these goals.  When the program decides to proceed with professional development training/coaching it would then be offered.

Referral Service: At times FRFP moves from primary prevention to early intervention when families have expressed the need for further support or our participating programs have requested support on the family’s behalf. We are continuously empowering and guiding families to self-refer to agencies and educating program staff on the referral process to support their families.  To insure the needs of our families are being met, FRFP has connected with many programs and agencies that focus on intervention such as Parent Link Centres and Community Resource Centres.

Information/Resources: Each program is encouraged to have a parent bulletin board where they can post relevant community resources and support services. We receive many requests from families and child care programs for basic need support, general parenting information and program specific information and resources. We assist our programs to build up their resources for families so they no longer need support from FRFP.